Our mission is to create value for our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, and all other business partners. Over the years, succeeding our inception in 1978, we have followed and advanced the philosophy of Mr. J. D. Lee, the founder of SeAH Steel Corporation.

When Mr. Lee started SeAH Steel Corporation in 1960, known as Pusan Steel Pipe at the time, Korea was still suffering from the devastation of a war that had razed the entire country. There was no local industry present to help rebuild a nation then experiencing abject poverty, but which was later to become a global economic power. As SeAH Steel Corporation actively participated in rebuilding postwar Korea, it grew quickly to become arguably the best steel-pipe producer in the world.

Mr. Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit was absorbed into the fabric of the entire company and guided the way we conduct our business. Naturally it became the basis of our unique corporate philosophy and culture: integrity and humility while conducting in the business. These are the most cherished values of our corporate philosophy.

This philosophy is shared and dutifully practiced by all SeAH group companies, including SeAH Steel America. We at SeAH Steel America have earned a reputation in the industry for serving as a reliable and trustworthy company with integrity and endeavoring to create value for our customers.

Ever-changing business and economic environments have greatly helped us learn how to become agile and adaptive to new environments. Accumulated know-how and innovations in technology have made the quality of our products among the best and most highly regarded in the global market. In addition, a series of mergers and acquisitions in recent years has made it possible for us to offer a wider range of products.

As we have grown both vertically and horizontally, we have become a much stronger and more efficient company. We are well equipped and ready to better serve the interests of our shareholders and the needs of our customers. We are well aware of the fact that the very reason for our existence is our customers. With that in mind, we will continue helping our customers have access to top-quality SeAH products in the most cost-effective way.

Our deep appreciation goes to all of you who helped make SeAH what it is today. We are firmly determined to continue upholding high standards of conduct with integrity and humility.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Chairman & CEO, Byung Joon Lee