Based on the world’s best level of production range and technology

SeAH SMLS stainless steel pipe is a final finished product manufactured under the integrated production system of SeAH Changwon Special Steel. Uniform quality production is maintained from molten metal to seamless pipe. An integrated production system provides customers with competitive delivery and pricing.

SeAH CSS’s SMLS stainless steel pipe products are the best option for many of our customers’ various needs. SeAH seamless tube is the best fit for industries meeting harsh conditions such as ultra-high temperatures and high pressure, and for customers requiring a highly clean environment.

Based on the world’s best level of production range and technology, SeAH’s welded stainless steel pipe satisfies the customer with various kinds of applications. Two production bases (South Korea and Italy) give customers many options and choices for carrying out projects.

For many years SeAH has supplied welded tube for a variety of special needs, such as desalination plants in the Middle East and nuclear power plants.
The quality of our tube has been confirmed by particular customers.

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